About us

About Linked Open Data Initiative

Linked Open Data Initiative is a non-profit organization to promote and implement concept of OPEN DATA, STANDARDIZED specifications and activities to develop advanced scheme to build society with corporate multiple stakeholders with shared data.

There are various kinds of data opened to everyone on the Web, and anyone can access it. LOD (Linked Open Data) is a technology which enhances the Web as a data sharing platform. LOD consists of a method to generate machine-readable data, and make it opened and shared on the Web. LOD connects various kinds of data generated by distributed individuals and organizations, and make them work as gigantic knowledge database. You can utilize WEB of DATA for various kinds of purposes such as business, education, research and various kinds of field of everyday’s life. We hope to contribute development of advanced web platform and information society.

Establishment: August 28st. 2012

inquiry: info@linkedopendata.jp


Chief Director:
Hideaki TAKEDA Professor, National Institute of Informatics (Japan)

Vice Chief Director:
Iwao KOBAYASHI Scholex Inc.
Ikki OHMUKAI Associate Professor, National Institute of Informatics (Japan)

Yoshiaki FUKAMI Project Assistant Professor, Keio University
Tetsuro KAMURA Tokyo University of Arts
Fumihiro KATO Research Organization of Information and Systems
Fuyuko MATSUMURA National Institute of Informatics (Japan)
Makoto OKAMOTO Academic Resource Guide Inc.
Toru TAKAHASHI ATR creative Inc.

Seiji KOIDE Research Organization of Information and Systems